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Carpenters are necessary to produce quality woodwork, welders create various items out of metal, and glaziers are an essential part of lots of construction and remodeling projects. If you want to replace your cracked glass shower door or hang new elegant mirrors in your home or business in Brownsville, TX, we suggest you reach our company Glass Mart Mirrors & Supplies today. We specialize in glass and mirror installation. Below, you will see additional information about our work.

Our Quality Services Incorporate:

Glazing Services

Glazing Services
We are proficient glaziers who measure, cut and install a wide range of glass to local residential and commercial properties. Plain or textured, the glass will be installed correctly and safely by our technicians. There are many different kinds of glass differing by texture and thickness, and we can help you make the best choice based on your preferences and budget. We install window panes, glass doors, skylights, and much more.

Hurricane-Resistant Glass

Hurricane-Resistant Glass
Our residential glass company is available for the installation of special hurricane-resistant or impact-resistant glass. Whether you are a home or business owner that wants to protect their valuables from natural disasters or high-impact damage, talk to our team about your options. We sell and install only high-quality glass and framework designed to be sturdy and withstand the elements.


If you run a hair salon, spa, clothes store, or something similar, the mirrors in your facility or studio will impact your business. Our technicians sell and install residential and commercial custom mirrors that will make the whole environment more pleasing-to-the-eye. From floor to ceiling, wall to wall. We offer contemporary and elegant designs that add to the aesthetics of every space. Also, if you prefer something customized for your new bathroom at home, call us.
Shower Doors
Choosing the right glass shower door for your home is a serious decision. Let our trained and attentive technicians help you with some upfront tips and tricks. After we examine your bathroom and the shower area more specifically, we will be able to recommend the right model for your project. Our company creates a diversity of custom shower doors designed to add beauty, functionality, and style to any bathroom. 

Glass Balconies & Railings

Glass Balconies & Railings
If you already have a glass balcony on your property that has begun to show signs of damage, it will become dangerous to be around it at some point. Call our professional technicians, and we will come to discuss your alternatives. We can replace and mount glass railings and handrails of any size, both indoors and outdoors. Brighten up your view and enjoy the beauty of nature with our dependable services.


Did you know that not all types of glass are suitable for your storefront? To get the best look and protection for your store, you need to choose commercial-grade glass. Do you want plain, tinted, tempered, or special security glass for your business? Our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions and provide you with the right recommendation for your tabletops, countertops, and custom glass shelving. We fabricate glass and stainless steel hardware too. 

The Benefits for You

We are well-trained and qualified glaziers who sell and install all kinds of glass products, from traditional glass doors to super-cool architectural elements for your house or facility. Our company organizes bargain sales of custom mirrors, shower doors, and specific styles for impact-resistant windows and enclosures. We work with extreme care and caution, creating stylish, elegant, and functional products.

Techniques That Work

If you want to work with competent glaziers who know what they are doing, that means you need our company for your project. We have many years of experience in creating customized, attractive, functional, and elegant products. After we listen to your needs and project requirements, our team will take the necessary measurements and book an installation date.

Our Reputation Covers Some Other Locations

We are delighted with the fact that our commercial glass company can cater to the needs of clients Brownsville, TX and the following locations as well:

  • Cameron Park, TX
  • Los Fresnos, TX
  • Laureles, TX
  • La Paloma, TX
  • Rancho Viejo Town, TX

For professional glasswork, contact Glass Mart Mirrors & Supplies without hesitation. For any questions, call us now.


Jun 11, 2021
by Craig S. on Glass Mart
I Am Thankful

Impeccable glass and mirror installation, folks. Thank you for your appropriate recommendations and fast installation services. You waste no time in chit-chat but get the job done the first time. Thank you!

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