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Here’s How You Can Make Tiny Bathrooms Look and Feel Bigger  

Many people dream of having large, expansive bathrooms that are reminiscent of those that are found in five-star hotels. However, if you have a tiny bathroom, you have to admit that making it bigger can be challenging in terms of time constraints and financial investment. Fortunately, you CAN take a few steps to make a small bathroom look and feel bigger! One of these is to install custom mirrors, which reflect light and help you create an illusion of space. You can also do the following:

Color your walls white

According to color psychology, dark hues can make a space look smaller than it really is. So, if your bathroom walls are painted in a dark color, you’ll want to repaint them using light, airy hues. White is the safest option, although you can also explore other choices such as pale gray, light beige, and even soft blues and greens.

Invest in a frameless glass shower door

This type of shower door allows you to have an uninterrupted line of sight throughout your entire bathroom due to its lack of metal framing. So, when you switch to frameless shower doors, you can reduce visual clutter in your bathroom and make it appear larger than it actually is.

Bring your shower curtain up

If it’s possible, take out your shower curtain rod and install it nearer the ceiling. You’ll also want to replace your old shower curtain with a longer one that can span the space between your bathroom ceiling and the floor. Doing this will elongate your bathroom walls and make the area look and feel taller.

Use these tips to make your bathroom look and feel bigger! If you want additional advice, or if you’re still looking for companies that can provide you with custom mirrors, make sure to call Glass Mart Mirrors & Supplies. We are based in Brownsville, TX, and we specialize in residential glass installations. Reach out to us today at (956) 546-8400 and book an appointment with our team!

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