Things to Know About Shower Doors

Different Types of Shower Doors

Are you looking at glass shower doors because you damaged your current door and need to replace it? Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of choices? To make things easier, read this article to learn more about the different types of shower doors and their benefits.

Frameless Shower Door

This type of door is made of a single pane and pivots out into the room for a modern, clean look. Not only it is elegant and stylish, but it is also among the most durable and structurally sound options on the market. Frameless shower doors are perhaps the most commonly used doors in the world.

Frameless Shower Door Enclosure

Frameless shower door enclosures are perfect for larger bathrooms as they add dimension to the area. They give rooms a sophisticated and chic feel, which only contributes to the overall beauty of houses or commercial buildings. Frameless shower door enclosures can be hexagonal and rectangular, depending on the bathroom’s layout and available budget.

Curved Glass Shower Door

Curved glass shower doors are ideal for smaller areas. They can be used to open up tiny walk-in showers as they create a spacious feeling. This type of door features a frame at its top and bottom, which increases structural integrity and stability.

Bi-Fold Shower Door

Bathrooms with limited space walk hand-in-hand with bi-fold shower doors. These doors are made of panels that fold inside the shower, allowing people to utilize as much space as possible. They are considered by many builders and designers to be the most viable solution for smaller bathrooms, and the best part is that they are very affordable.

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