Choosing the Right Shower Doors

Factors to Consider When Installing Shower Doors

Like many homeowners, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your bathroom’s look and feel. Fortunately, you can explore lots of solutions to achieve this goal and create the elegant and charming bathroom that you’ve always wanted, and one of these is to replace your shower doors. You can choose the right shower door to install by taking note of these factors:

Glass Type

When people think of shower enclosures, they automatically think of clear glass. However, this isn’t your only option! You can also choose to install frosted glass, which can hide water spots and can stay attractive even if you get too busy to clean your shower. Another option is etched glass, which lets you incorporate any design into your shower door and make your bathroom more elegant and eye-catching.

Door Design

Hinged doors are some of the most common options for shower enclosures. However, they can only swing in one direction (i.e., outward or inward) so, if you’d like to have a door that swings both ways, your best choice is a pivot door. Other options include sliding doors, bi-fold doors, and tri-fold doors.

Framed vs Frameless

Framed shower enclosures are the traditional option for residential properties, and they can be found in many homes since they’re easy to install and have lower prices. But, for small bathrooms, the ideal option is frameless doors since they remove visual clutter and make the space look and feel bigger. They’re also easier to maintain since they don’t have any metal parts that can corrode over time.

Choose the right shower doors by keeping these factors in mind! If you’d like to get additional tips, or if you’re searching for glass experts who can help you with your project, reach out to Glass Mart Mirrors & Supplies today. Our team is based in Brownsville, TX, and we specialize in shower door installations as well as other residential glass projects. Give us a call now at (956) 546-8400!

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